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Saturday, October 5th

1:15 to 2:15

Border Jazz Quartet

The Border Jazz band has been a Las Cruces standard jazz band.  The indisputable Roman Chip is on horns, the magical Miguel Torres on keyboards, the great Ruban Galvan on drums, the rymthmic Curt Bushaw on bass.

2:30 to 3:30

Havana Quintet

The Havana Quintet brings a Latin jazz flair to the music sure to have you dancing in the streets. It features David Rodriguez on bass and band leader,  Gabrielle Torrez on sax and flute, Yoel Hernandez on keyboards, Frank la Rosa on congas and Carmelo Camero on timbal and drums. This is Latin Jazz at its finest. 

This group of talented Cuban men with a career in music got together with an ambitious project: to provide top quality music to the Latin-music dancers of the area and to make the top lists at local, and not so local radio stations. All of them have degrees from conservatories from Havana, Cuba. Back in Cuba they were among the very few to record with Fania All Stars . They left the island in 1999 together and moved down to Mexico. They acquired a great deal of experience during their successful journey through Mexico and finally arrived at the US. Once in the US, jazz came to interest these musicians, so they also formed a Latin jazz quintet: The Havana Quintet. Their musical activities are not limited to gigs, but they are also music instructors, writers and arrangers.

3:45 to 5:00


Boys in the Noteworks.JPG

Originating from El Paso and with some members from New Mexico, Noteworks creates a unique blend of traditional jazz with contemporary sounds and rhythms in their original music.

From El Paso, Noteworks features trumpeter Mike Middleton, bassist Curt Bushaw, and pianist Billy Townes; featured musicians from New Mexico are Las Cruces percussionist Ruben Galvan and Las Cruces saxophonist Roman Chip. All musicians have been playing together for over 20 years in the Southwest!

Billy Townes on keys

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