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Atkinson Recital Hall

New Mexico State University

Jumpstart Jazz


The Jazz Jumpstart Festival run by Dr. Jacob Dalager will begin on November 12 and run through the 13th. Below is a description of the events that are open to the public.

Bobby Shew, who needs no introduction, is doing a workshop.

Owen Broder, who is an award-winning saxophonist and composer from NYC and plays with Anat Cohen and Cowboys & Frenchman. He'll be doing guest clinics, masterclasses, and performing with the NMSU Jazz Ensemble.

Local all-stars Ricky Malachi (drums), Al Mendez (saxophone), and Pancho Romero (trombone) are also doing clinics and performing with us

And in addition to clinics going on all day for jazz students of all ages, we have the following events open to the public:

Friday, Nov. 12th

9-10:30am -
Pancho Romero workshop: Improv

1-2:30pm - Allan Kaplan workshop: How to avoid playing the same thing every solo

7:30 - NMSU Jazz Ensemble Concert featuring Owen Broder, Allan Kaplan, and Sarah Daughtry

9pm - Jam Session at Mom's Coffee

Saturday, Nov. 13th

9-10:30am - Owen Broder's clinic: The music of Johnny Hodges

1-2:30pm -
Bobby Shew's clinic: Understanding the Mechanics of Playing Any Instrument

7:30 - NMSU Jazz Ensemble Concert featuring Pancho Romero, Jim Shearer, Sarah Daughtry, and Ricky Malachi

9pm - After Party at The Game, featuring Proud Pete